Life Choice, 2022
63 x 4 x 42 in
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$6,298.98 (¢1 for every legal abortion performed in 2019)

The CDC reported 629,898 legal abortions in 2019, the last year that figures were published. Though this number has fallen in recent years, this is still a life choice that impacts a substantial number of lives every year and is a very salient issue, whichever side you agree with.

The Pro-Life/Pro-Choice culture war is perhaps the most divisive issue in American political discourse and drives much of the political divide in our country. It is one of the few issues that it is almost impossible to see both sides of. You see only the side you are on. This flag has Life stenciled on one side and Choice stenciled on the other, but you can only see the one side of the flag you are on.



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