Our Country, Not My Country, 2022
reassembled cotton American flags
46.50 x 71.50 in
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Collaboration with my son Luca Hill:
Concept, Design & Direction - Sol Hill
Sewing with creative input - Luca Hill

This work is a direct reference to Jasper Johns’ Three Flags. Like Johns’ famous work, this piece seeks to transform the famous political emblem, but unlike Johns, the intention is to infuse a warning of political peril into the piece rather than remove it into the space of formalized design. Here the flags have been taken apart and re-sewn to create visual disunity reflecting the contemporary political situation. It speaks of how the fabric of our democracy is and has been frayed and dismantled. But there is optimism intended in this flag. If we work together, we can restore the pieces of the nation. It probably will not look the same, nor should it, because the country is imperfect, but it will be beautiful. We will find true beauty in imperfection.



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