During this difficult time, I have launched a Social Distance Collaboration Art Project to collaborate with my collectors and fans.  The project is intended to be a reminder of the beauty we are capable of when we work together. It is a spiritual portrait of this transformational moment.  I will make an artwork in my Metagraphic style based on a photo of your choice, which will be printed on Japanese paper, hand varnished and mailed to you.  I encourage your to send a photo of how you are spending your time in social isolation or how you remain connected in this physically disconnected time, but the photo you email me should be personally meaningful to you.  It could also be a portrait of yourself, your loved ones, a colleague, a pet, or a place that is important in your life.  The subject is your choice.  The prints are reasonably priced to remove any barrier for participation: $75 for an 8”x10” print and $150 for a 16”x20”. 

As the art world runs on social interaction at fairs, gallery openings, museum shows and performances, all of which have all been closed, many artists are struggling financially.  Therefore, 10% of sales will be donated to the Artist Relief Fund,


16"x20" Collaboration Metagraph (example image) $150

Hand Varnished Print on Japanese paper made from your photograph

Collaborate Now


8"x10" Collaboration Metagraph (example image) $75

Hand Varnished Print on Japanese paper made from your photograph

Collaborate Now

Here is some of the thinking that inspired this project.  While we are collectively quarantined at home or taking measures to maintain social distance and safe space, we are all experiencing something modern humanity has never seen before this time.  Two archetypal urges stand before us in varying degrees as the model for our choices.  We can either choose to entrain with fear and separation or we can entrain with love and unity.  My hope is that when humanity emerges on the other side of this pandemic experience, we will collectively choose the archetype of connection over the archetype of separation.  We will build a more connected, more compassionate, equitable collaborative and sustainable world.  People have had the incredible experience of pausing the mad rush of modern life and had time to imagine outcomes.  If we can collectively imagine it, we can collectively build it.

After the crisis is over, an exhibition works created through this unique collaboration will be mounted as a celebration and a testament to strength of the human spirit.  As a participant you will have the right of first refusal and a discount of the exhibition piece(s) created through our collaboration.

Gallery of Successful Collaborations